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Product Name:
Isopropyl ether
Colorless Transparent Liquid

Product Introduction

  Isopropyl ether, not known as two isopropyl ether, is a colorless liquid. There is an ether like odor. Light and air are unstable. Chemical formula: C6H14O, molecular weight: 102.18, structure type: CAS NO:108-20-3, EINECS accession number 203-560-6, melting point -85.5 temperature, boiling point 68.3 degrees, density 0.725g/cm3 (25 degrees), flash point -28 temperature, dangerous goods serial number UN 1159.
    It is easy to form peroxide and produce explosion during vibration, so it is necessary to use sodium sulfite solution to produce peroxide before use. It is often added to benzyl aminophenol (p-Benzyl-AminophEnol) or hydroquinone as a stabilizer. It can be mixed with ethanol and ether, and can be dissolved in water. Relative density (d204) 0.7258. The refractive index (n23D) 1.3678. Flash point (open cup) -9 C. Flammable. It's exciting.
  Isopropyl ether is a good solvent for animal, plant and mineral oils. It can be used for the extraction of nicotine from tobacco. It is also a good solvent for paraffin and resin. In industry, two isopropyl ether and other solvents are often applied to the wax removal process of paraffin base oil. As solvent, it is also applied to pharmaceutical, smokeless powder, paint and paint cleaning. Two isopropyl ether has high octane number and frost resistance. It can be used as gasoline blending agent. This product is easy to form peroxide, explode in shaking, and often added to benzyl aminophenol as a stabilizer. Two the anesthetic effect of ISO propionic ether is lighter than ether, but the duration of anesthesia is long. Used as a solvent for concentration and recovery of dilute solution of acetic acid or butyric acid, sodium thiocyanate as extraction solvent. In wet acrylic craft, used for analysis of standard materials, solvent and extraction chromatography, also used in organic synthesis. It is used as a solvent for acetic acid or dilute acid concentration and recovery solution. .